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Olivia and her Dogs!!!

A short clip of the "Melanie, Bodhi & Friends!" video.
What our customers are saying

"I recently met Lizzie through a friend and without directly knowing me or my deceased dog Bodhi, she nonetheless created a stunning and beautiful tribute to him, while including many of my other deceased dogs as well as my friends and family and their dogs too. It is wonderful to have this video to view regularly, but it was also great to share it with others. Here are some of their comments:

“Oh...I'm weeping. This is just SO LOVELY. What glorious gifts: both the video and Bodhi.”

“SO sweet!”

“Very beautiful.”

“Thanks for this. It makes us all want to rush out and get another dog.”

“What a gem!!!!!!!! and I loved being included!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I cried!!!!!

“Amazing. Very nicely done!”


Thank you again for this wonderful video!"


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